How to build an online business – Talkshow

Thanks to Trijaya FM and Mitra Entrepreneurship for inviting us to the talkshow about how to build an online business in Indonesia.

There was actually a workshop earlier in the day before the talkshow. It did not really go well since there were very few people who came to this but Wowrack team still moved forward with the workshop and at least those few people who attended the workshops learned what they came for 🙂

The key persons on the talkshow were Mas Oki from Komputek tabloid, Mas Saleh from Ubaya Cyber Crime division and Mas Aditya from MitraNet.

We covered quite alot on that 1-hour sessions and there were quite a number of audiences who attended this. They seem to be very attentive to our discussions and enganging as well with lots of questions.

The talkshow will be replayed on MHTV (UHF 62) on 30th Nov 2010 at 7PM WIB.

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